Automatic Gas Pressure Regulators

The control system for gas pressure regulators was designed to ensure automatic control of the gas supply to the customer. The system provides flexible process automation and real-time control of the major technological parameters. It implements various scenarios involving the major equipment functions.

The integration was done with the gas pressure regulators from Tormene Group and can use most of the regulators in the product line. The installation can be on one supply line or on several with or without redundant operation of the lines and of the controllers.

The control system for gas pressure regulators is based on the Redul B400 programmable logic controller and the Redul B200 I/O modules. Connections to the measurement equipment and actuators are protected with the intrinsic safety barriers. Controllers can be further extended with BetaRedul local or distributed SCADA or integrated into the existing system via Modbus / OPC / IEC 60870 protocols.

The Redul B400 is an HMI for the operator to configure the system and parameters of the process and then monitor technological information, display events and access event logs. Information from the system can be sent to external systems via digital interfaces, like RS-485 or Ethernet.
The system constantly monitors:

  • Input pressure
  • Output pressure
  • Gas flow

The data collected then passes through a specially developed algorithm to deliver constant flow of the gas with the required parameters.
The system can operate with one line, two lines, or two lines in parallel with identical configuration to provide redundant operation.


Supports custom configurations

Displays operational data on the local HMI

Supports integration with SCADA systems (via Modbus TCP, OPC DA / OPC UA, IEC 60870-5 101/104) for data collection, trending, remote monitoring of operation

Configurable locally or remotely from Sigma LD software

Supports access via web to the HMI panel in REDUL B400

Can be supplied with a GSM modem for data transmission

Major Functions

Remote control of the natural gas pressure and flow at gas distribution stations

Automatic control of the natural gas pressure and flow in accordance with a preset scenario

Status monitoring and equipment checks

Optional Configurations

Pulse reading from meter

Pulse reading from flow computer

Operation with two lines in parallel