Gas Odorizing Control System

The odorizing unit control system was designed to automatically control the process of supplying odorant to a gas pipeline in proportion to the actual natural gas flow with a given degree of odorizing.

The odorizing unit control system is based on the REDUL B400 HMI/CPU and the REDUL B200 I/O modules. Alternatively, the system can be equipped with a third-party HMI panel with Modbus TCP connection. Connections to the measurement equipment and actuators are protected with the intrinsic safety barriers.

The REDUL B400 is an HMI for the operator to configure the system and parameters of the process and then monitor technological information, display events and access event logs. Information from the system can be sent to external systems via digital interfaces, like RS-485 or Ethernet. Support of printers and keyboard by the B400 controllers and external monitors via DVI port allow for creation of a complete workstation.


Supports two dosing pumps in hot-standby configuration

Uses a flow meter (Coriolis or positive displacement type) for a closed loop (feedback) control

Displays operational data on the local HMI

Supports integration with SCADA systems (via Modbus TCP, OPC DA/UA, IEC 104) for data collection, trending, remote monitoring of operation

Configurable locally or remotely from SCADA

Can be supplied with a GSM modem for data transmission

Major Functions

Monitors level of the odorant in the supply tank

Monitors pressure of gas in the supply

Supplies odorant at a required concentration in proportion to the gas flow

Logs events and breakdowns

Generates reports

Supports external printers for printing reports

Transfers information to SCADA

Supports data storage to an external USB flash drive

Controls access according to the user permissions

Redul B400 HMI/PLC + B200 I/O - Odorizing unit control system