Redul B500 PLC - modules and features for building redundant systems

Redul BX00 PLC line - overview of the architecture and product series

REDUL Controllers for Local Automation

In 2015 GP Systems GmbH presented innovative developments in industrial automation field – programmable logic controllers REDUL, series B600 and B500. In 2016 the company extended its product line with two more controllers: B400 and B200. REDUL B400: Operational Control and Visualization REDUL B400 controller is a combination of the human-machine interface and a CPU […]

What is PLC

Programmable logic controller (PLC) was born as a device, capable of collecting and processing data from the sensor and equipment on the factory floor and then providing output to the equipment, valves, motors, etc., connected to it. PLCs are based on a computer, or transistor logic. This was implemented with the spread of the digital […]