November 5, 2020

GP Systems GmbH is now a member of the FDT Group

GP Systems GmbH is now a registered member of the FDT Group. The group develops and promotes standards for communication with the field devices using common approach and same software, removing the complexities of communications, connections, interfaces.

The technology, proposed by the FDT Group, was to make configuration of the field equipment independent from the host system and from the vendor. This becomes more useful as more intelligent devices become installed. Each of them now having extended configurations and numerous settings. And even more so in the distributed systems when field devices can be parts of the subsystems and can be even located in the geographically remote locations.

Within the FDT framework is used an FDT (Field Device Tool) architecture operating with the software component holding device settings, DTM (Device Type Manager). This is similar to using a driver for a peripheral device in a computer.

Use of the FDT allows a decentralized operation of the devices, brings interoperability and integration to the next level, and helps in leveraging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0.

Benefits of FDT for the operators

The standard simplifies management of the multitude of devices and protocols used in the automation systems and allows a more efficient operation.

  • A centralized location for planning, diagnostics, maintenance, with direct access to all field devices
  • Independent operation of the network architecture and communication protocols
  • Simple sharing of data between system tools and operator interfaces

About FDT Group

An international, non-profit corporation led by major global companies active in industrial automation, FDT Group AISBL is focused on modernized asset integration and access to performance data for visualizing crucial operational problems as part of digital transformation.

Website of the FDT Group: