Redul B000 Managed Switch

Redul B000 managed switches allow you to build a flexible structure based on the Redul series controllers. The task of the switches is to segment the controller into separate network nodes, positioned according to territorial and/or functional characteristics.

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  • Extends internal data bus for REDUL BX00 controllers
  • Allows to segment internal data bus to improve resistance to failures
  • Converts physical level of the signal (optical to electrical)

The united network is formed by the internal bus (Redul bus) of the controller, in which the controlled Redul B000 switch divides it into the following segments:

  • upstream segment – a segment that forms a network zone up to the switch, in which the CPU module is present
  • downstream segment – a segment that forms a network zone after the switch, in which it can control the activity

Managed switches can diagnose network errors and automatically block downstream segments within a few milliseconds of a fault, thereby protecting a controller with a large distributed data collection structure from failures occurring at a single remote node.

The managed switch does not read or modify the data transmitted over the RedulBus and therefore does not affect the transmission time between the upstream and downstream network segments.

In addition, the Redul B000 series managed switches can be used as media converters and, if necessary, installed to convert the data from one type to another.



  • Connect up to three “rings” or up to six “stars”, or combinations of these schemes
  • Identify losses and/or data distortions in the network segments and isolate corresponding segment
  • Control (open, close) remotely ports of the switch
  • Obtain diagnostic data on connection status
  • Use up to two power supplies


  • Case with the dimensions of 40 x 180 x 145 mm
  • Mounting on a 105 mm DIN rail
  • Passive cooling; no mechanical or rotating structural components
 B000 CP 06 111B000 CP 06 121
Inbound interfaces2 x RJ-452 x Fiberoptic
Extension interfaces6 x RJ-456 x RJ-45
Power supply18‑32 VDC18‑32 VDC
Operating temperature range-40…+60°С-40…+60°С
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Redul B000 managed switch - dimensions