June 1, 2020

Setting up Virtual Programmable Logic Controller (Redul BX00)

Seting up Virtual Programmable Logic Controller (Redul BX00)

This tutorial contains information on configuring and using a virtual Redul PLC. Images of the controllers could be downloaded from our website in the Support – Downloads section.


General Information

The Redul controller image allows you to use it without an actual controller hardware on hand. All you need is an Oracle Virtual Box or VMWare software that allows importing and running images of virtual machine. For configuration we will use Sigma LD software that is available from our website.

Recommended Documents

For more information on configuring Redul BX00 series controllers in the Sigma LD development environment, it is recommended that you read the following documents:

  • Sigma LD Software. User Manual.
  • Redul B600. System Manual.
  • Redul B500. System Manual.
  • Redul B400. System Manual.
  • Redul B200. System Manual.

Configuring Virtual Redul PLC

Importing Virtual PLC

Start Oracle Virtual Box and import an image of the controller.

Start the virtual PLC and wait until it fully loads. During the start you will also be asked regarding the network and you need to select a virtual network for the internal bus.

Warning! If you connect the internal bus to a general network, the latter will be overloaded with the real-time non-destructable packets.

Once the virtual PLC has started, you will see a general screen.

Network Configuration

In the Sigma LD Run the network scanner from ToolsNetwork Scanner and scan on the VirtualBox Host Only-Network interface.

Using the ipconfig command in cmd, we find out the IP address of the VMnet8 virtual network card on the host computer.

In the network scanner on the Port50 network interface, specify the IP address from the VirtualBox subnet (for example:, or use the pre-defined address. After modifying any of the parameters in the Network Scanner, click Write to save them. To ensure that the parameters have been correctly saved, rescan the network and check the PLC configuration.

Ping the IP address that you defined for the virtual PLC and ensure that the PLC  responds.

Creating a Project

In Sigma LD, click on the button with Redul Configuration Wizard to create a project with a device, corresponding to the model of the virtual PLC.

Draw a special attention to selecting a project device with -W suffix for web-enabled HMI devices, if your virtual machine device also has it. Otherwise, scanner in the project won’t be able to find the device. When scanning devices with Network Scanner, you can find model information in the PLC InformationInformationModel area.

Connecting to the Virtual PLC

To indicate for your project the virtual PLC to connect and to run the project on, click on Scan Network… on the Communication Settings tab in the settings for the PLC. To open the settings, double click on the PLC name (in our case, it is REDUL_B500_71_W) in the Devices window.

In the Select Device window, click Scan Network and select the virtual PLC.

After connection you will be asked for the login data. Default user: Administrator. Default password: Administrator.

Sigma LD - user login

After successful login and update of the password to your preferred one, the connection is complete. Enjoy programming your Redul PLC.

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