One-Stop Solution to Distributed OPC DA

OPC protocol was created to improve the interoperability of the hardware and software coming from different vendors. Its version, DA (Data Access) was made to … . If you had experience with enjoying the advantages of OPC DA then it is possible that you had certain challenges with it:

  • Since OPC DA is based on the Microsoft’s COM and DCOM technology, it is oftentimes difficult to be configured to comply with the security settings of the factory network and go through several gateways and firewalls.
  • Local systems may have incompatibilities in terms of data format, supported interfaces, or exchange protocols.
  • In distributed system it is difficult to organize data transmission properly and have a convenient hierarchy of the systems.

To solve the task of communication in such applications are used OPC servers with support of tunneling.


RedulOPC creates one common address space for the enterprise data, unites, unifies names. And runs across multiple locations, across firewalls, across geographies. RedulOPC provides one tool to connect multiple servers and multiple clients.


  • End-to-end data transmission
  • Hot-standby operation
  • Dynamic routing
  • Global OPC tag aliases
  • Hierarchical naming with unique tag names
  • Creation of new tags based on logical and arithmetical conditions
  • Software gateway to real-time operating systems
  • Authorization rules
  • Unique compression algorithms for high-speed communications

Example of a Distributed Structure