BetaRedul SCADA

BetaRedul is an industrial control system (ICS) for the automation of production processes. The system combines SCADA and PLC in one package with one point of support. BetaRedul ICS is designed for creating control systems of large production facilities with distinct breakdown by functional features as well as for building distributed control systems (DCS) with cascade regulation. BetaRedul ICS is a single control tool of production processes that allows for reducing the time of commissioning of control circuits, minimizing operation risks and saving project investments.

  • Faster decision making by the employees
  • Reduction in time and costs of the projects
  • BetaRedul comes as one system, already interfaced and adapted
  • Improvement of reliability and fault-tolerance – the system has the redundancy at its core
  • Flexibility in modification and expansion of the system; unit configuration can be changed without interruption of the operation and loss of performance


BetaRedul ICS meets in full all the requirements to a modern process control system:

High productivity:

  • Real time data processing:
  • 1,000,000 system configuration parameters
  • 1,000,000 changes per second
  • Up to 50,000 tags per one controller
  • Minimum program cycle time of redundant controller – 5 msec.
  • Data recording and storage
  • Up to 2,000,000 stored parameters per server
  • Recording of up to 700,000 changes per second
  • Reading of up to 1,500,000 changes per second
  • SQL sampling up to 200,000 changes per second

Flexibility and scalability:

  • Up to 100 controllers per computation node
  • Up to 50,000 tags per one controller
  • Up to 50 WKS per computation node
  • Up to 100 computation nodes in a system

Universal methods and tools for data storage and management:

  • Storage of parameter and event change history in the system’s own high performance real-time database
  • Data buffering in computation nodes prevents data loss during data transfer
  • Possibility of multiple duplications of history databases

Centralized system for process development and object representation with powerful development tools:

  • Adapted object-oriented information model of a facility Implementation of infrastructure functions of the system
  • Remote configuration setup and loading for WKS and PLC
  • Scripting in JavaScript or Beta.Om (internal programming language)
  • Development of integrated visual solutions for operators
  • Creation of own libraries for the graphical objects
  • Support of 5 languages from the IEC 61131-3 standard
  • Support of calculations and debugging in execution mode distributed databases and calculations
  • Detection of connectivity and project errors at the phase of project compilation
  • Project team work

Use of globally recognized technology and industrial standards:

  • Cross-platform format of the top system level: Windows or Unix OS families
  • Use of external algorithms of any complexity for the
    calculation via integrated DLL libraries
  • Support of OPC, SQL, and HART protocol families

Simple, reliable, and convenient process control:

  • Event and notification support
  • Representation of process parameter charts and trends
  • Possibility of activation of simulation and manual equipment control modes

Graphical visualization of production process:

  • Displaying of up 16,000 parameters in a mimic diagram with data change rate of 5 times per second
  • Transition time between mimic diagrams – 0.4 sec
  • Support of multi-monitor systems
  • Web interface for remote access

Hot backup of the element at each level of the system

Integration with top level information systems

Full integration with field level in terms of standard technical solutions

Flexible solutions for periodical and prescribed processes
Maintenance management of automation systems (diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs)
Information safety:

  • Identification and authentication of access subjects
  • Registration of safety events
  • Integrity control of the project and components
  • Implementation of client safety cluster (single access point to distributed WKS)
  • Administration tools


BetaRedul industrial control system is based on the Beta Platform software and REDUL BX00 PLCs.

Distributed control system


The system is flexibly configured according to the requirements of large and small enterprises in various industries.

Example of structure of a top level local configuration of BetaRedul SCADA

Example of structure of a top level distributed configuration of BetaRedul HSP